Start-up entrepreneurs in Agri-business - Vijana Reloaded

In Kenya, the unemployement rates grew with an extreme speed from 12% in 2006 to 42% nowadays. Of all the unemployed people, 70% (!) are between the age of 15 and 35 years old. During a first visit to the rural town of Kakamega we found that most of the traditional curriculum taught at schools in Kenya don't cater for creativity, entrepreneurship and ICT skills. There is a relatively low agri-productivity, while there are smart new ICT-based farming solutions that can help in increasing production and access to market, they are not widely spread in practice (yet...). But young people have a lot of energy and motivation to contribute to the social economic development of Kenya

Enough reasons for And The People to start working with rural young start-up entrepreneurs on a hands on training curriculum that guides them in setting up a business in the agricultural chain.

Together with Proportion Foundation, ICS and local partners JOOUST and Nailab we are setting up the social enterprise Vijana Reloaded. Vijana (swahili  for youth) Reloaded coaches youth (18-28) in creating successful businesses or creating fresh entrepreneurial solutions to challenges of existing companies. The 6-months training is very practical and guides youth in developing entrepreneurship, ICT & social skills, in relation with the agricultural sector.

Following a lean start-up approach we are currently developing the training and scale up strategy in an iterative way with the first pioneer-trainees. 

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