Rebuilding Haitian neighborhoods

In informal settlements where neighborhoods are built by people with very limited resources and skills an earthquake can become even a bigger disaster. This was the case in January 2010 in  the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. The lack of sufficient  knowledge and access to resources for constructing safe houses were the main obstructions for sustainable neighborhood development.  

And The People started a collaboration with Cordaid, Group5 consultants and three local neighborhoods to tackle these issues in order to link emergency to sustainable development; enabling neighborhoods to build back better. An 'owner driven' program was developed. The program offered the opportunity to apply for funding and a design service for rehabilitation and rebuilding of houses, streets and sanitation combined with knowledge injection in safe building for inhabitants and local contractors.

In total 3600 houses were rebuilt or retrofitted, community actions and development plans to mitigate risks for 10.000 households were produced, for over 1000 families. Besides houses, also the streets and public spaces were rebuilt, repaired and upgraded in partnership with the local communities and a total of € 3.6 million was directly invested in local livelihoods.

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