Our work

And The People is a research and design agency. We apply action research and human centered design to develop projects and solutions that deliver impact for end users and the planet. We partner with organizations to co-implement these solutions. 

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Prototyping solutions and experimenting
Is an effective way to learn whether you are on the right track for creating lasting impact. Step by step we validate the solutions with the people we want to impact. We do it ourselves, but more often we facilitate this process for organizations and make the people in the organization an integral part of this journey, as we did for instance with the ministry of the Interior (BZK) of the Netherlands.

Incubating ideas, before scaling
Sometimes we work on ideas that proof to work so well, that we feel it needs to be scaled up to a larger public. We invest in these ideas ourselves and incubate them until ready for scaling. For example with Vijana Reloadedwhere we are setting up a training institute which breeds new entrepreneurs in the agri-sector throughout rural Kenya, or the social business ‘de Opgewekte Woning Club’ a toolkit which enables home owners to develop plans together with their neighbours to make their houses more sustainable in a fun and interactive way.


We love to make our hands dirty,
That is why we help in implementing projects. We did so in Haiti where we co-managed the shelter program in the rural and the urban context.  Or we stay involved during implementation as a technical and strategic partner as we are currently doing with the World Bank and the government of the Gambia, strengthening the educational sector in the Gambia.

What is your impact?
Of course in the end organizations want to know what the impact of their intervention is to a community. Since listening to end-users and gathering insights in the field is one of our most important tools we use, we also use it to do impact evaluations and assessments, to research whether programs deliver and perform according to plans (or deliver results that were not planned). Based on field research we draft recommendations that serve as input for designing new programs, or that can contribute as lessons learnt for the whole sector. We have been doing this frequently for large international non profits such as CARE, CRS, the Salvation Army and Cordaid. 

Case-study gallery

We have selected five projects to explain in more depth our approach. Click on the image to read more.

The projects of And The People
Half of our projects are in the Netherlands and the other half in developing countries. A selection of our projects are on this page. For more, have a look at the map below. Click on the icons to get project details.

The daily life of And The People
And The People works with all stakeholders that are part of a challenge, ranging from the clients to the end-users. The below images are a sample of this way of working, of these people, of the places and the themes of what we are actually doing, lt provides and insight into the realness of what we are doing.