Policy Labs with the ministry of the Interior of the Netherlands

Some tough challenges are just not meant to be solved only with conventional rules, legislation or policies. The Dutch government is seeking for ways to co-develop and execute policies with all stakeholders and by involving end-users. Analysis, field research, ideation and piloting are new to policy makers, however embedded in the DNA of And The People. That is why And The People was brought in to help the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations (ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken. to create innovative solutions on two policy subjects; 1) challenges around housing cooperatives (VvE’s) with mixed owners; private and social housing organisations, and 2) the lack of an affordable middle segment of dwellings for rent.

And The People concentrated on the methodology development of this a research and design lab, the  ‘Policy Lab’, by setting up and guiding the process , creating field templates and facilitating co-creation sessions. Strategic input and support was delivered to translate insights from the field into prototypes and possible solutions that were validated with people in the field.

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