Opgewekte Woning Club

How to make a city CO2 neutral?
One of the most difficult things is getting your inhabitants joining you on this mission as a city. In Haarlem And The People, together with the municipality of Haarlem designed an approach aimed to truly involve inhabitants to solicit scale-able innovative coping strategies to become a climate neutral city in 2030.

A proposition called the “Opgewekte Woning Club” (=The bright home club) was developed which answered to this aim and produced multiple values for all involved stakeholders . The process was improved iterative and enables home owners  to create a plan or manual for making their homes more energy efficient.  By creating small working groups capacity is shared in terms of knowledge, technical assistance and enthusiasm. And The People  developed various products which include ‘Het Opgewekte Woning Spel’  (=The Bright Home Game). This serious game provides participants intrinsic motivation  to combine forces in making their homes more sustainable and energy efficient, through small and large measures. Alone or – smarter – together.

The proposition was incubated by And The People until it was ready to scale up. At this moment the 'Opgewekte Woning Club' is a separate organization and implements its service throughout various cities and neighborhoods in the Netherlands. And The People is still involved as a strategic and innovation partner. For more information go here.

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