Strategic advice for schools in rural Haiti

Approximately one third of children in Haiti did not attend school prior to the earthquake. This problem was worsened by the destruction of educational institutions in the earthquake-affected zones. Further pressure on the already fragile education system was the result...

The projects set up by the Salvation Army assisted the Haiti government in its endeavor to educate girls and boys by providing repairs / or new structures to 20 existing Salvation Army school buildings, water and sanitation systems and to provide safer and good quality education. The programs include activities to build up the financial and management capacities of the actors involved and to provide a durable and sustainable contribution to the schools participating in the program.

And The People was taken on board as a strategic partner and to carry out five separate evaluations in the course of three years. These measure the extent to which the expected results have been achieved in an efficient, effective, relevant and sustainable way. Next to this And The People analyzed the project’s relevance and impact in the communities where the schools are located. Outcomes were to provide strategic advisory and identify lessons learnt in order to improve the quality of educational services and to build capacities of TSA school personnel in financial and property management.

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